One of our long-standing customers approached us with an issue they were experiencing.

This issue was having a serious impact on their normal day to day operations and they required a future proof solution. The issue was multi-layered.

  • Their CCTV Systems were parochial in nature and little to no remote connectivity existed.
  • There were no standard equipment specifications used. Each local area office had entirely different systems and more importantly a variety of different technologies was being used.
  • Not all locations had suitable broadband.
  • A number of the existing systems were poorly designed and installed.

Our customer wanted a High-Definition CCTV System which could be seen as 1 system in its entirety at Senior Management level and individually at local level. They wanted multi-layered remote access dependant on Management Levels along with full integration with their incumbent Access Control & Intrusion Systems.


After numerous discussions and meetings, we put forward a proposal. This was based on standardising the CCTV Equipment, Re-designing all existing systems & building a Private Security Network covering the 26 counties and including our customers 65 sites. We agreed on a timeframe of 2 years for completion.

We partnered with Hikvision (Manufacturer), Fortus (Supplier) & 3 Mobile (GSM Broadband). Designed and Installed 65 Individual Hybrid CCTV Systems (both IP & HD over Coax) all connected to a Centralised CCTV Server. We also installed, what we believe to be the largest of its kind in Ireland, a Private Security Network all connected via the 3 Mobile Broadband Network. We integrated our Customers existing Access Control & Intrusion Systems with the Hikvision Server allow remote connectivity, which, in turn allowed their Facilities Management Team performance monitor their entire Security Network of Equipment.


The benefits of this system are many but probably the most important is that it cannot fail in its entirety as it is comprised of many individual systems connected via a private network. Suffice to say our Customer is extremely happy with the solution and we continue to have an excellent professional relationship.