THe Problem

A potential Customer contacted us with a Fire Detection problem they were experiencing. They owned and operated a very large site comprising of an older Building being used as office space, an adjoining warehouse with additional offices attached, a Security Building and a smaller Warehouse. Combined these were collectively 1 Department of many on the overall site. 

As the main warehouse was the most recent addition it already had a Fire Detection System installed. The Customer wanted additional systems installed throughout the other areas, but they wanted all the Detection Systems to be seen as 1 system and they wanted it monitored professionally 24/7.

As the system was to encompass Buildings which were both joined and separated the complication was in the design as multiple Building Regulations and Fire Detection Standards applied.


Our Design Team submitted a design incorporating their existing system with 3 new systems we proposed to install, 1 of which was entirely wireless along with a detailed Cause and Effect Document (how the systems were to be programmed and behave in the event of). Our Design was accepted and we completed the installations and commissioning processes.

We partnered with our good friends at Smart Monitoring, Advanced, Apollo, Hochiki and Firecell. Using the Advanced Panels as the base Control Units, we built a network and connected the Panels to it, essentially creating one large system. We also installed Advanced latest Building Management Software for the Customer. This allowed the Facilities Management Team performance-monitor the equipment from a centralised area and remotely. Smart Monitoring provided us with the latest CSL GSM Communications Device which we installed, allowing the system to be professionally monitored.


The Customer, entirely satisfied with the solution has retained Stalwart Security & Fire for all their Annual Maintenance needs.