Intruder Alarms

Stalwart Security provides the full range of Intruder Alarm Systems. Wired, Wireless and Hybrid Technologies ensure we can provide a tailored solution to suit all requirements. Our design team will assess your specific risks and requirements and provide advice on

  • Cloud Based,
  • App Driven Systems,
  • Monitored Systems and
  • Stand Alone Systems

This way you will help to decide on which Intruder Alarm System best suits you, your family and home.


There are a variety of different protection systems available,

  • Perimeter Protection,
  • Trap Protection and
  • Perimeter & Trap Protection,
  • Additional Smoke
  • Heat
  • Co2

Our team will advise you on the best protection for your home. The pro’s and con’s ensuring you have the information allowing you to make the right decision on your Intruder Alarm System.


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