Electronic Security & Life Safety Integrators

A security integrator essentially links various subsystems to provide security throughout your organization including access control like doors, locks, gates and others; video surveillance systems; intelligent emergency lighting systems; intelligent fire detection systems; and intruder detection systems. As security integrators we can install hardware, software, networks and hybrid IT solutions, as well as specialized security equipment.

Why Do You Need a Systems Integrator?

Unfortunately, crime is on the rise. Physical violence at the workplace is also a real threat, especially for certain industries. Every Business/Premises is a potential target with the threat list growing. Stealing of Cash & Valuables no longer the only threats. Information, Manufacturing Practices, Vandalism, Violence should all be considered real threats. You should be thinking about providing a secure and safe haven for employees, fortunately, security systems integrators can help.

What Does a Security Systems Integrator Do?

As a Security & Life Safety Systems Integrator we help secure people, data and property, and create safe working envirornments. We CAN deliver “off-the-shelf” solutions and install them for you. We also go beyond this to manage the entire process, starting with a recommended security plan, moving through installation and implementation, testing and finally management and maintenance. This is known as the full lifecycle. As a higher qualified provider we can custom-build a security plan for you, and will generally follow these steps:

  1. Provide an initial assessment of your security needs
  2. Design a holistic security system to address these needs
  3. Install the software, hardware, networks or other required equipment
  4. Custom create other systems when needed
  5. Provide training to those managing the system on your end
  6. Offer ongoing maintenance, assessments, upgrades and service

Whenever possible, we believe it’s smart to partner with a full-service systems integrator. Since we’re responsible for ongoing maintenance and service, we take ownership of the entire system and have a vested interest in providing excellent services. With one team managing the entire lifecycle of your systems, you’ll also avoid the finger pointing and miscommunication that can plague a team of multiple vendors. Also, a partnership provides valuable continuity throughout the project, so it will ensure that we, as your integrator, are very familiar with your company’s ongoing needs